Wwoofen – voluntary work in our herbal plant

We are since 2006 member of the organization WWOOF and accept every year WWOOFers in our operation.

In the adjacent residence of the grandparents the Wwoofer have the entire top floor for themselves, where they can retreat to the bedrooms (2), have a private bathroom, common room and kitchen facilities. Two balconies provide an undisturbed break outdoors.

These spaces are held together by all Wwoofern clean, linen and towels are provided by Kräuterschlössl.

For the meals (breakfast and dinner) a budget is provided weekly, eat lunch all together with the 4-generation family in the castle of the herbs. All are bathed in herbs Queen with typical South Tyrolean and Italian cuisine. Is certainly not lacking the diversity of our herbs from the garden!

In addition to good accommodation of Wwoofer we reveal the secrets of our organic farming practices in accordance with the guidelines of the "Bund Alternative growers" - our philosophy of life. Furthermore, you can get close to nature the herbs growing from seed, seedling breeding, harvesting, wild harvesting, drying to the finished product and know its marketing.

Herbs are so unique in flavor and so versatile in use, each Wwoofer has not found his favorite herb for themselves and taken a lot of experience.

Would you also experience our Paradies of herbs, then just let me know at: shop@kraeutergold.it