Cultivation method/Harvest: Our cultivation method is since 1990 consistently against strict biological guideline. We was a member of “Demeter” and “Bioland” and now we are a Member of “Bund alternativer Anbauer”, a regional club of some bio farmer, which cultivate their plants without using any chemical plant protection, copper, sulphur and artificial fertilizer. The plant growth is promoted with aimed cultivation (weekly through – chop) mixed cultures, suitable fruit rotation and compost yielding. The cultivation of herbs is a very intensive work: The vegetation period begins in March with the raising of the plants, which are planted on May. From May until the end of September is the main season. It needs a lot of aid for maintain the fields and the harvest from the herbs. A part of the harvest is done with a machine and the rest is done manually. Especially the flowers are harvested manually daily and some of them in the dawn. In the average there are four persons for four hours in the fields to harvest the flowers. Next to the cultivation we have about 6 ha of fields where we pick up several wild herbs. The biggest part from the raising to the sales finished product is done manually.

Our Enterprise is controlled and certified from ABCERT GmbH, located in Germany,
against the valid EU-guidelines. Control number: IT-BZ/BZT-42733-AB


Our product range includes over 200 different products, which are marketed in the farm shop at organic markets, in stores and via our online shop.