Company History


We are a four generation Family enterprise. 1990 Urban got a small little field with a surface of 3647m² from his father. It was a typical apple field, treated conventionally, which should be for Urban and his Family (Wife and three children) a second job to his normal job as an educator. Urban worked in a working training centre for psychologically handicapped people “biological horticulture” in Latsch. He was also one of the founders of this institution. During this activity he learned a lot of information about raising plants, which was totally new for him. Besides he learned also something about biological cultivation-wises, guidelines from different associations and so he was convinced that he will also be able to cultivate his apple fields with such biological guidelines.

He was especially inspired from herbs with their flowers, variety of sorts, smell and healing power. He build small little experimental fields in the middle of the apple trees and dreamed by himself about his own herb cultivating - and processing enterprise. A dream alone remains forever a dream. Urban became 40 and he had to decide to realize his dream or work until the pension in his momentarily job. The whole family dreamed with him and together they decided to make true his dream. It was a “stony way”, but together we realized it.

OCTOBER 2003: The project to build processing – storage – and selling rooms was rejected two times.

DECEMBER 2003: They gave up the job

JANUARY 2004: Permission of the project and immediately beginning of construction.

FEBRUARY 2004: Permission of the first variant project.

AUGUST 2004: Permission of the yellow colour and the merlons.

DECEMBER 2004: Completation and acceptance of the building

JUNE 2005: Opening from the castle of the herbs.

MARCH 2006: Permission of the project to extend the castle of the herbs.

DECEMBER 2006: The construction should be finished until the end of 2007.


The most part from the building was build by the family. Everybody had something to do.

DRAFT AND PLANNING: Urban with wife Annemarie



BUILD-MASTER-WORK: Urban, father and sons Manuel and Michael


Next to the planning and construction there was also the plants, which had to be planted, maintained, harvested and improved. Since 2004 more and more apple trees evaded the herb fields. In the autumn 2006 all the apple trees, expect one, are root. Since 2007 on the whole field are different herbs and some berries.

From the springtime to autumn all members of Gluderer Family help in the glasshouse, the fields, with wild collection, in the processing rooms and to sell the products and this seven days a week. (The children next to her job in their free time) In the main working period we have also several trainers from schools and WOOFFer in the castle of the herbs.